Discover the magic of Karen Curwen Handmade

Every one of my pieces has been designed with the intention of creating something meaningful - something that speaks directly to your heart when given or received.

The materials I use are carefully chosen for their quality and beauty. Porcelain, clay, natural gemstones, crystals, gold, silver, brass and other materials are used to create a unique piece of jewellery with an individual look. My pieces also feature elements of metaphysical healing such as the incorporation of spirit animals and crystals into my designs. Each pendant has its own special meaning and energy that can be used to help heal or bring balance in one's life.

My goal is to create timeless pieces that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come; something that brings joy every time it is worn or gifted, something which reflects the wearer’s personality while still being classic enough never go out of style! Karen Curwen Handmade strives not only for beautiful design but also ethical production practices so you can feel good about your purchase knowing it was created with love & respect from start-to-finish



salt magazine

Featured in the fashion pages of the Sunshine Coast's favourite magazine.

Currently displaying

Some of Karen Curwen Handmade pieces are displaying at the following locations:

Adorn Sunshine Coast

171/183 Main Street, Montville, QLD

Steven street Gallery

2 Steven Street, Yandina, QLD