If you're looking for a truly unique, one of a kind wolf necklace, then look no further. I have years of experience making custom jewelry pieces and can create something special just for you. With past examples ranging from small intricate designs to bold statement pieces with colorful stones, the possibilities are endless. Get in touch today and let me know what your vision is so that I can make it into reality!

raven girl

Raven Girl is a stunning pyrography wooden cabochon bead embroidered with high quality glass flowers, crystals, gemstones and beads. She was originally created for an art exhibition but has since found her way to Bloomfield in America where she is now living life with her new owner. This particular piece of artwork features intricate detail that shows the skill and craftsmanship involved in creating such a unique work of art. The combination of materials used creates an eye-catching effect that will be sure to draw attention wherever it goes.

one of a kind

I absolutely love creating unique and special pieces using gemstones. It's so exciting to mix different elements together in order to create something truly one of a kind! I'm always looking for new ways to combine the beauty of gemstones with other unusual items, and it would be an honour for me to create something special just for you. Whether you have a specific vision or are just looking for some creative inspiration, let's work together and make your dream come true!